Inflators & Regulators

We offer a wide range of air pumps and air inflators for air-filled balloons, as well as helium regulators and helium/air mixers designed for use with helium cylinders to inflate helium-filled balloons.

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  • Air Inflators

    We offer an air inflator for all occasions and types of balloons. Our electric air inflators are incredibly powerful, safe, and fast. Inflate foil, latex, or twister balloons!

  • Helium Regulators

    Whether your needs are very basic or very specific, we offer a helium regulator for any situation and balloon. We have latex balloon inflators, foil balloon inflators, and hybrids that fill both!

  • Helium/Air Mixers

    Want to conserve your helium and extend the life of your tank? Our helium/air mixers inflate latex or foil balloons with 60% helium and 40% air. You can switch to 100% helium inflation at any time. Perfect for balloon giveaways!