Foil Balloons

Browse our Super Shape balloons, stars, hearts, and circles balloons, theme foil balloons, palm fronds, and for our foil arch and column kits—MagicArch™ cluster balloons.

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  • MagicArch™ Cluster...

    Our patented foil arch and column kits were designed to use these MagicArch™ Cluster Balloons. A unique clover-leaf effect allows you to inflate all four balloons at once. Just string onto the arch cord or column pole using the hole in the center! Sold in packs of 10.

  • Stars, Hearts, & Circles

    Browse our wide variety of star, heart and circle balloons in varying colors, patterns, and sizes.

  • Number Balloons

    These balloons are the latest craze! Number balloons make for stylish decorations for a birthday, New Years Eve party, wedding, or any other event where you wish to showcase a special number or date!

  • Palm Frond Foil Balloons

    Bring the tropics to you with these foil palm fronds! Make perfect palm tree balloon columns when you use these palm fronds as your column topper. Multiple colors available.