Sistemas Clik-Clik

Suspends in seconds, like a hot-shot principal! The Clik-Clik system uses powerful neodymium magnets and extension poles instead of hooks and ladders, so your signs, banners, and décor can be hung up and taken down in a snap.

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  • ClikMagnets

    The heart of the Clik-Clik system. These neodymium magnets with rings "clik" to any iron-laden metal. Perfect for t-bars in suspended ceilings or girders in industrial ceilings. When hanging balloon décor, there's no better system.

  • Mono y LoopLine

    Hang level each and every time! The LoopLines have loops measured out every 2 inches and come in white or black. The Marked Monofilament Line makes perfect "string of pearl" arches with black marks spaced out every 11 inches.

  • MagPoles

    Don't climb ladders! The telescoping MagPole is a sturdy aluminum pole with an 18-foot reach designed for use with the Clik-Clik system. Need more length? We offer a 4-foot extension pole as well!

  • MagMovers

    MagMovers ensure that your displays hang high while you stay safe on the floor. Use them to lift the ClikMagnets and your display item to the ceiling and remove them when needed. No ladders, no climbing!