Infladores y reguladores

We offer a wide range of air pumps and air inflators for air-filled balloons, as well as helium regulators and helium/air mixers designed for use with helium cylinders to inflate helium-filled balloons.

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  • Infladores de aire

    We offer an air inflator for all occasions and types of balloons. Our electric air inflators are incredibly powerful, safe, and fast. Inflate foil, latex, or twister balloons!

  • Reguladores de helio

    Whether your needs are very basic or very specific, we offer a helium regulator for any situation and balloon. We have latex balloon inflators, foil balloon inflators, and hybrids that fill both!

  • Helio/aire mezcladores

    Want to conserve your helium and extend the life of your tank? Our helium/air mixers inflate latex or foil balloons with 60% helium and 40% air. You can switch to 100% helium inflation at any time. Perfect for balloon giveaways!